Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yes, finally, a post!

I know.. I'm awful.. I've been too busy reading other peoples' blogs to even bother with my own. Also, I've been rather busy in general. The man and I actually keep a calendar now, can you believe it?
So, first, a quilting picture..
This is a baby quilt I made for the man's boss who had a baby girl recently. I got it done the night before his last day at work before taking paternity leave. What? I've always been a procrastinator! On top of that, I'm too lazy to figure out how to rotate this picture.. I never said I was great with computers..

The man and I celebrated 1 1/2 years of togetherness (April 13.. I know that was LAST month) and I just have to brag and show you the sunny tulips he got for me!

The other exciting news is that we're gardening! I LOVE spring and I just can't help that instinctive urge to dig in the dirt. We're doing the Square Foot Gardening method. This way I'll try to keep from digging up our whole (rented) yard and think inside the box for a while. :) This is one of our 4x4 square foot boxes. The man loves that he got to get all sorts of tools out for this.. We're going to have two boxes. Just today we worked on filling up the second one with soil and put babies in the first box. Pictures of that soon.. I promise! Well, the oven is yelling at me to get the pizza out.. I promise I'll be better at posting!