Monday, February 23, 2009

New Camera! And WOP's

For anybody that doesn't know - WOP=Work in Progress. Yes, it's true - I have a lot of them but I'll focus on just a couple.

First of all, I bought myself a fancy new camera. Too bad for Circuit City that they're going out of business but great for me that I bought a new SLR camera (Olympus - E420) for pretty cheap! So now I have even fewer excuses for my slack blogging habits!
Without further ado...

A preview of the "wedding quilt" I'm making for John and I. I guess it's a wedding quilt because I'm hoping it will be done by then and will adorn our bed after we get married!
It's a Mariner's Compass paper pieced pattern. I'm wondering if it looks TOO nautical but we like the colors and it's been fun to piece (even if some certain people think paper piecing is the devil, I quite enjoy it!).

This is truly a wedding quilt because it will be our 'guest quilt' instead of having a guest book. So, anyone that will be coming to the wedding - be prepared to write on this! Oh, and here's my plug for complete honesty - if you are not invited to the wedding, please do not be offended. We are going to be keeping it quite small for several reasons.. Anyway, some people have expressed they might be scared that they'll 'mess it up'. We'll have scrap fabric to practice on so go for it!

I'm embroidering approx. half the blocks with flowery motifs but the rest of the muslin areas will be free for the signing.

So that's the latest in my little sewing world. : ) Thanks for reading.

And keeping with my daily hope that when I wake up it will magically be spring....

Our first little daffodil - doesn't it look like it's cold?