Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting back to work!

Hello again,
So, I need to just accept that I'm just not a frequent blog-poster. The news here is that I had the flu. It's gone now but it certainly knocked me off my feet for a while - literally. I'd been saying that I wanted time to just do nothing.. Well, I got that! And quickly decided that 'nothing' is really boring. Who knew day-time television was so terrible?

Also, I got into the Handmade Holiday show! Whoohoo! I'm quite proud of that. But now I'm quite scared too! I just need to plug along on making inventory. It's not until mid December. I'm sure I'll have enough done. I'm not planning on having a truckload of stuff or anything. We'll just see what happens! But, while I'm thinking of it, if anyone wants to comment about their favorite color combos (especially in the kitchen/dining area of life) feel free to let me know! I'm so afraid of making things in the totally wrong color schemes! I'm not trendy enough to know what's cool.

On another note, I recently went to a farm very close to where I live called Lavender Fields Farm. Such a sweet place. I bought a big ziploc of dried lavender to put in little sachets made from bitty scraps.. Ya know, for your closet or 'unmentionables' drawer? ; )

And to end the post, I'll put up a picture of what's recently been on my work table - lots of oven mitt tops! Now I just have to turn them into real oven mitts... Someday..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I tried! And keeping busy sewing!

So I applied to the Handmade Holiday show today that the Richmond Craft Mafia is doing. We'll see what happens!
I'm excited about the prospect of doing a craft show. I have been building quite an inventory now. I really need to get my butt in gear and put some stuff on Etsy! Baby steps though for now..
On to what I've been working on lately. I have now joined the teaching staff at the shop! So I have lots of samples to work on!I'll be teaching a class about "Circular Patchwork". I'm using very bright flannels paired with fun bright cotton prints. Lots of pinked-edged-circles going on!
Also, my mom knows a few people who are expecting a new addition to their family. I recently pieced this baby quilt. She said the expecting couple like the beach. It sure is beachy!! I hope it's not too bright!Well, I have more pics but I'll save those for another post. For now I have to go get a shower and get ready for work!