Monday, August 18, 2008

Machine Down..

I'm in sewing withdrawal. My machine was acting strange for a while lately so this weekend I decided (stupidly) to try to see what was going on. Amazingly, I got the thread to stop snagging but when I put it back together I put a screw in the wrong place... And then couldn't get it back out.. Magnets and ten tools later I decided to do the right thing and get a professional to look at it. Now I just hope I didn't screw it up too much. That machine's one of my favorite possessions!
Here's a pretty picture that brightens my day. The only thing that really grew well were the sunflowers. We (well, mostly John) ripped out the garden the other weekend because it's so darn dry.. It was only our first attempt and hopefully we can try our hands at a fall garden. Maybe some peas and greens.. We'll see!
I do have a pile of things I want to sew up as soon as I get my machine back. I took it to a very reliable shop (AllBrands) so I have high hopes.
See you soon!


SewAmy said...

oh that is awful. I hope you get it back soon and I hope that can fix the problem. I am lost when I don't have my machine. By the way, love the sunflower. See you Tuesday night at sit n stitch.

SewAmy said...

did you get your machine back yet? Is is ok?