Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Catching up with dreams

It's been a while hasn't it... Well, I guess I've been busy. I'm working at Quilting Adventures (http://www.quiltingadventures.com/) part-time. It doesn't feel like busy work though because I truly adore that place more and more. I used to like to sew. Now I feel like I'm falling in love with sewing. And isn't falling in love amazing?
Speaking of love, my english-man and I are celebrating one full year of dating this weekend. I know that for all the married people out there you're wondering, 'Dating? Big deal..' Well, I happen to think we ARE a big deal. So I made him a big surprise... Which I can't tell you all about (yes, all 2 readers out there) until after this weekend. Which me luck! I hope he likes it.
And I think that he's going to get me an awesome sewing machine! In the past week of only a couple hours of sewing a day on average, I've broken 5 needles and my thread has snapped about 30 times. I took it for maintenance just recently. It's a zigzag pro that can't zigzag. :( BUT, All Brands is having a sale! Yea! News this weekend about what I get. I'm still trying not to get overly excited though..
Also, giving thoughts to whether I want to enter the crafting world for business. But, maybe I should get better at things before I breach that subject.
Well, I'm at my other job (yes, I'm a cell biologist by day) so I should probably go now..
TTFN (As Tigger would say 'TaTa for Now!')

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