Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Show and Tell

Shwew. I have to admit, I've been a bit busy. The big news is that I have officially resigned from my government scientist/outreach job as of yesterday. I don't know how I feel about it really... I'm excited to start my next adventure (erm, if you don't know, I'm working at Quilting Adventures full-time and attempting to create a home business - DawnStitches). But I did like the agency I worked for and definitely liked the people I worked with. So, yeah, I'm just at a bit of an emotional peak. I'll work through it - especially with the help of my super supportive hubby!

So, yeah, I'll stop babbling now and start showing..
The picture above and pictures below are of the 'signature quilt' I made for the wedding. Yes, yes - still talking about the wedding. I made quite a few things for it so there still may be a few more posts about all that.. : )
The quilt was based on a Bareroots pattern (#51 - Flower Quilt and Pillows). I added some more squares and didn't embroider all of it. I left quite a few places as blank muslin for people to add their signature and congratulatory messages. Everyone wrote such nice things!
I was afraid people would be hesitant to write on this but in the end I think they enjoyed it! Now I just have to make time to quilt it! Phoebe had a 'scathingly brilliant' idea that I embroider the Shakespeare sonnet (#18) that was read at the wedding around it on the red border.. Mmm.. definitely need to make a chunk of time for that!

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Kelly Ann said...

you better watch out for that Phoebe..she'll have you stitching your vows on the back...she's sneaky like that...