Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Wedding Show and Tell

Well, I suppose I'll post about another handmade item from the wedding. I need to take pictures of what I'm currently sewing on for a post about that.

Bridesmaids outfits are always a tricky situation. I always feel bad for folks that have to buy a very particular dress that isn't really the type of thing that can be worn again. And in my case, apparently red was not 'in' this season (oops - I've never been style concious..) So eventually the decision was made to make skirts for my sisters! My sisters and John's sister (my now sister-in-law!) were the bridesmaids. I love all my sisters and was grateful they all wanted to be a part of our wedding. And even better they were excited to get handmade skirts!

In this picture from left to right is Tasha McKelvey, Melissa McKelvey, me, my wonderful hubby, Martha White, and Molly Lynch.

So I found three different red and white fabrics at the shop. They were all from the same line so they went together really well. I used the wonderful pattern from Indygo Junction called "Great Fit Gored Skirt". Each lady picked out a white t-shirt they liked. I think they were all comfortable through the event and it still looked great! To add to the outfit, Tasha also made adorable ceramic red flower necklaces for each lady!

For lots more pictures from the wedding you can go to my hubby's Flickr site or Melissa's Flickr site!

Thanks for reading! I'll be getting on with posts about 'real life' soon!

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Martha White said...

Yep, both skirt and necklace have had plenty of use since the wedding! I like them a lot :-)