Thursday, September 17, 2009

Schedule? Coasting...

Yes, yes. I have not given up on this blog. I hope y'all haven't given up on me!

I've actually been quite busy - that's the problem. Whenever I'm not at work I'm working in the sewing room! I just need to get myself on a personal schedule. When to take walks, when to clean the house, and when to sew things. I've mainly sewn things and cleaned a VERY little. Walks and exercise need to enter the picture soon though! "Happy pounds" have hit me quite hard.. Ya know.. After you get married and you know that the man you love loves you no matter what? I heard about these just before the wedding. I guess it's like the "Freshman 15".. Yeah, well, need to get a hold of that!

Anyways, that's my ramble for now. I'll show you some pics of what I'm sewing on. That's what the "coasting" is about. I've made a fair amount of coasters lately.

By the way, John took the third picture. I need to start taking product photos to put on Etsy.. He did a night of practice and took some really good ones!

And speaking of the hubby... We went camping last weekend with our friends Brad and Sumona in Loft Mountain. Really fun! The next picture cracks me up! Especially since he's the least violent and least scary person I've probably EVER met.

And one more sewing picture for good measure. I'm (slowly) working on a batik (of course) log cabin quilt in all blues/greens - light vs. dark. The strips are 2.5" so each block is.. er.. too lazy to get a ruler.. 14" square I think? Hopefully when it all comes together it'll look like the waves in St. John.. Ahh..

Lastly, why the heck is it that whenever I load a picture to the post Blogger puts it at the very top AND inserts extra paragraph breaks between each paragraph. I hate computers sometime. I'll just blame it on my ancient laptop and keep wishing for a Mac.. No, really, any advice would be appreciated!

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Martha White said...

You've turned my brother into a monster!!!! Aarrrghhhh!!!!

Cute coasters, anyway - and nice photos. I always struggle to find a decent backgound for my cakes.

And Blogger always does that with my photos too. Don't think there's any way around it. Even if you put them in first you still have to delete loads of blank space.